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Dr. Claire Hoverman Expands Practice to Southwest Medical Village

by | August 15th, 2017

On September 18th, Dr. Claire Hoverman of the OB/GYN Group of Austin is excited to expand her practice to Southwest Medical Village (5625 Eiger Road, Austin, TX, 78735), which is located between Southwest Parkway and West William Cannon Drive.  She looks forward to joining Dr. Michelle Gooch in serving the women of Southwest Austin. “I

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Zika Virus: The latest CDC recommendations

by | July 1st, 2016

There has been a lot of attention in the news recently regarding the Zika virus. Because there are more questions about Zika than there are answers, there’s a lot of confusion.   Here is what we currently know: The Zika virus is spread via the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito. People can also

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She Ran 3 Marathons In 3 Trimesters

by | April 26th, 2016

We’re honored to share an incredible story and testimony from one of our courageous patients! We’re very proud of her determination to reach her goals with the help of her Ob/Gyn. Thank you for sharing your story with others.   Read more at Women’s Running: She’s Running 3 Marathons In 3 Trimesters Including Boston 

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Zika Virus Update

by | March 2nd, 2016

The Zika virus seems to be on pregnant patients’ minds. It is also worrying those who plan on becoming pregnant in the near future. Since I’m getting a lot of questions about it in my practice, I decided to review the latest CDC guidelines and clarify confusion as much as possible. First of all, what

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Work-life balance – You are kidding

by | February 8th, 2016

When you hear the topic work-life balance and you are in the medical field, it often makes you roll your eyes. “There is no such thing as balance,” says the female OB-GYN. I am here to say there are ways for female physicians to have balance in this culture of changing medical practice that are

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Zika Virus—What We Know Today

by | January 23rd, 2016

By now, many of you have heard about the Zika virus and may be concerned about the risk here in Texas. Zika virus is a mosquito borne virus that generally produces non-specific influenza-like symptoms such as fever, rash, conjunctivitis, muscle aches, and joint pain. Symptoms generally appear 2-12 days after a bite by an affected

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Pregnant Traveler? Beware the Zika virus!

by | January 22nd, 2016

Many couples wanting to have one last fling before their baby is born are scheduling “babymoon” vacations to the Caribbean. The Center For Disease Control (CDC) recently issued a travel notice concerning the risk of infection by a mosquito-borne Zika virus. This virus can infect a pregnant woman and cause babies to be born with

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Official CDC Health Advisory: Zika Virus

by | January 20th, 2016

The CDC Health Network has issued a level two travel health alert for people traveling to countries or territories where local transmission of the Zika virus has been identified. Although local transmission of the Zika virus has not been documented in the U.S., the infection has been reported in travelers returning. For current updates related

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Is Addyi worth the risk?

by | September 4th, 2015

ADDYI is the “Viagra for women” –or so they say. The FDA recently approved Addyi (Flibanserin) for treatment of hypoactive sexual desire disorder in premenopausal women. It is estimated that 40-50 percent of women have some sort of sexual dysfunction and this is the first medication the FDA has approved for this type of issue.

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Are more ultrasounds really best?

by | August 7th, 2015

Several patients have asked me about a recent article in the Wall Street Journal concerning the use of multiple ultrasounds during routine pregnancy without clear medical need. The article suggests that many expectant mothers have too many ultrasounds, some even receiving up to a dozen in one pregnancy. The article states that some experts recommend

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