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Dr. McCoin Supports Women in All Aspects of Their Health and Well-Being

by | February 22nd, 2018

At The OB/GYN Group of Austin, one of the most rewarding aspects of what we do is forming caring relationships with our patients. We make it our goal to provide the best care for our patients and strive to be their partner for a lifetime of care. Dr. Megan McCoin joined The OB/GYN Group of

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Dr. Jason Gooch Recognized as a Texas Super Doctor and One of the Best OB/GYN Doctors in Austin

by | January 16th, 2018

Dr. Jason Gooch has been a provider at the OB/GYN Group of Austin for the past 11 years. Dr. Gooch and his wife, Dr. Michelle Gooch, moved from Amarillo to join the OB/GYN Group of Austin. Dr. Gooch is a patient favorite, having been described as a compassionate physician who pays great attention and listens

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She Ran 3 Marathons In 3 Trimesters

by | April 26th, 2016

We’re honored to share an incredible story and testimony from one of our courageous patients! We’re very proud of her determination to reach her goals with the help of her Ob/Gyn. Thank you for sharing your story with others.   Read more at Women’s Running: She’s Running 3 Marathons In 3 Trimesters Including Boston 

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Pregnant Traveler? Beware the Zika virus!

by | January 22nd, 2016

Many couples wanting to have one last fling before their baby is born are scheduling “babymoon” vacations to the Caribbean. The Center For Disease Control (CDC) recently issued a travel notice concerning the risk of infection by a mosquito-borne Zika virus. This virus can infect a pregnant woman and cause babies to be born with

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Physician Spotlight: Shannon Abikhaled, MD

by | August 14th, 2015

What inspired you to begin working in obstetrics and gynecology?Way back when I was in fourth grade, the nuns told me in no uncertain terms that a girl could not become the president of the United States, and so I decided at that moment to become a physician. After three years of medical school, I

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Are more ultrasounds really best?

by | August 7th, 2015

Several patients have asked me about a recent article in the Wall Street Journal concerning the use of multiple ultrasounds during routine pregnancy without clear medical need. The article suggests that many expectant mothers have too many ultrasounds, some even receiving up to a dozen in one pregnancy. The article states that some experts recommend

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Women’s Health Week

by | May 12th, 2015

Seeing an OB/GYN in Austin for the first time Dr. Michelle Gooch with The OB/GYN Group of Austin, cares for women at all ages and stages, but wants to call attention to adolescent and first well woman exams during Women’s Health Week. Dr. Gooch knows that, oftentimes, teenagers and college students in Austin and Round

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The ideal weight management plan at The OB/GYN Group of Austin

by | January 29th, 2015

Currently in the United States, more than two-thirds of adults are considered overweight or obese. Being overweight or obese significantly increases the chances of having high blood sugar or high blood pressure.1 Obesity also contributes to the risk of heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.2 This Weight Loss Method is a medically

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Austin Samaritans Restoring Hope in Nicaragua

by | March 25th, 2014

The lives of women and children in Managua, Nicaragua went from bad to desperate when their only health clinic was razed last year. Our OBGYN team has committed to helping build a new facility. Near the largest open-air dump in our hemisphere, known as La Chureca, “the Wastebasket,” the clinic will rise as a beacon

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18th Annual Rockin’ Round Up Benefit

by | January 29th, 2014

The OB/GYN Group of Austin announces sponsorship of Any Baby Can and the 18th annual Rockin’ Round Up benefit scheduled for February 28, 2015 at the Hilton Austin. It’s an Austintatious evening you won’t want to miss! See more at:

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