Physician Spotlight: Sally Grogono, MD

Physician Spotlight: Sally Grogono, MD

by | February 10th, 2016
  1. Web-HS-Grogono, Sally-0414-editWhat inspired you to begin working in obstetrics and gynecology?

When I was a medical student, I saw my first delivery and I was hooked! I had intended on being a pediatric oncologist. Thank goodness I ended up in such a happy field.

  1. Why are you passionate about working in this area of health care?

I went through a high-risk pregnancy myself. I now have a special empathy for my patients that I didn’t have before. I have been on the other side—both as a patient of a high-risk pregnancy and as a mother of a critically ill child. It has made me very sensitive to my patients’ needs and my love of obstetrics has intensified.

  1. How is the relationship with your patients important to you?

I think most of my patients will find that I try to go beyond the normal doctor/patient relationship—I like to really bond. Most people see their OB/GYN for a long time. I look forward to catching up with a lot of my patients. It is like seeing old friends.

  1. What are a few of your favorite things to do around the Austin area?

I like to go to Town Lake or the walk the trail in my neighborhood. On the weekends, we usually like to swim with friends or play outside with the boys.

  1. Tell us what patients can expect during their first visit with you.

On a first visit or an initial encounter, if she is a new OB, I always take a quick look at the baby and perform a complete and thorough counseling. If she is a new GYN, I perform a full exam and complete history

  1. What is your favorite part about being a physician?

My favorite part is obstetrics. There is nothing better­­—I love it. The moment you pass the baby to the mother and you see the look on the mother and father’s face—priceless!

  1. Share with us some of your favorite hobbies!
  • Reading (ha! – when do I have the time?)
  • Lego with my younger son
  • Walking/hiking
  • Sailing

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