Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms

by | August 20th, 2018

At The OB/GYN Group of Austin, we are committed to providing our patients with premier expertise in obstetrics and gynecology. In honor of National Breastfeeding Month, we will be offering tips and resources for mothers who currently are or are planning to breastfeed! If you have any further questions on the subject, be sure to

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Safety Tips for Exercising While Pregnant

by | August 20th, 2018

  Working out while pregnant can have a positive impact on both the mother and child, but it’s important to take safety precautions before, during and after your workout. We’ve all experienced the hot Austin summers and with temperatures as high as 107 this summer, anyone who is exercising outside (pregnant or not), will want

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Cyberchondria – The Dangers of Using Google to Self-Diagnose

by | July 22nd, 2016

Nagging headache for 2 days…you could go to the doctor’s office. Or, you can consult Dr. Google since it’s faster, cheaper and more convenient, right?  However, the first thing that pops up on your Google search is brain tumor! Although a headache is more likely caused by stress, fatigue or eyestrain, search engines have a

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Pregnant Traveler? Beware the Zika virus!

by | January 22nd, 2016

Many couples wanting to have one last fling before their baby is born are scheduling “babymoon” vacations to the Caribbean. The Center For Disease Control (CDC) recently issued a travel notice concerning the risk of infection by a mosquito-borne Zika virus. This virus can infect a pregnant woman and cause babies to be born with

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by | December 11th, 2015

We are fortunate to live in a fit city with an abundance of exercise options to maintain health and wellness. Few programs, however, have achieved the popularity of Crossfit which has exploded in the past decade, especially here in Austin. Crossfit Central, the largest Crossfit affiliate in Austin, was one of the first Crossfit gyms

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I want my body back: Guidelines for postpartum exercise

by | November 23rd, 2015

Within weeks (or sometimes, days) after experiencing the miracle of childbirth, some women have been heard asking their obstetrician how long will it take them to regain their pre-pregnancy figure. Such questions as, “How soon can I exercise?” or “Is it ok for me to do crunches?” are commonly posed. As a follow up to

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Five benefits for staying active during pregnancy

by | November 10th, 2015

Cooler temperatures are finally upon us! For central Texas runners, that means marathon season is here. Runners who have endured the brutal summer heat and humidity are now rewarded with crisp mornings and the ability to break out long sleeve tops. As one of the fittest cities in the country, Austin is home to a

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Should you get the flu vaccine while pregnant?

by | October 2nd, 2015

Fall is upon us and with the change of weather comes the peak of flu season. This becomes especially important for at risk populations, including pregnancy. The best first-line defense against influenza is prevention and vaccination. Vaccines can raise many questions regarding indication, effectiveness and safety. Flu season in the United States is October through

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Six breastfeeding tips to celebrate National Breastfeeding Month!

by | August 21st, 2015

Happy National Breastfeeding month! There are many benefits of breastfeeding that we are all aware of. Namely, breast milk contains the right balance of nutrients for your baby and is easier to digest than commercial formula. The antibodies in the breast milk boost your baby’s immune system and it may even help you lose weight

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Are more ultrasounds really best?

by | August 7th, 2015

Several patients have asked me about a recent article in the Wall Street Journal concerning the use of multiple ultrasounds during routine pregnancy without clear medical need. The article suggests that many expectant mothers have too many ultrasounds, some even receiving up to a dozen in one pregnancy. The article states that some experts recommend

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