Physician Spotlight: Welcoming Dr. Claire Hoverman

Physician Spotlight: Welcoming Dr. Claire Hoverman

by | September 2nd, 2016
Dr. Claire Hoverman

Dr. Claire Hoverman

1. What inspired you to begin working in obstetrics and gynecology?

I did my ob/gyn rotation second to last in medical school and was enthusiastic to wake up each day of my rotation to see what was going to happen. There is so much variety in ob/gyn from delivering babies, doing surgery and treating menopause. I knew in 20-30 years I would still be excited to wake up every day, go to work and see my patients.

2. Why are you passionate about working in this area of health care?

I think women are the secret to a brighter future. Women have more strength and influence than a lot of the world gives us credit for. If I can make one woman more healthy or inspire her to make better choices and feel better about herself, that spreads to those she encounters. In the end I can help make the world a little bit better by helping one person at a time.

3. How is the relationship with your patients important to you?

I love walking into a room and seeing a familiar face. It’s much easier to talk to someone that feels like a friend, especially about private matters. I try my best to establish that comfort even on the first visit. Once you have taken care of a patient through all phases of life, that’s a whole new level of trust. As an ob/gyn we are lucky we get to have that with our patients.

4. What are a few of your favorite things to do around the Austin area?

I grew up in Austin so my interests around here have been the same – the venues have just changed. I used to go to Liberty Lunch in high school but now we like to go to any music event that’s outside. The lake is always a favorite for running and the food scene is really incredible. There are so many options and not enough hours in the day!

5. Tell us what patients can expect during their first visit with you.

The first visit is a chance for me to get to know you and your history. We will ask general medical history questions, and if you have a specific problem I will ask more in-depth questions about that problem. I will do an exam if deemed necessary and we may order additional tests should we need to find out more information. I respect your time and I try to pay attention to the cost of tests, visits and procedures. I want to evaluate the problem in an efficient and thorough manner and find a solution. You will always leave with a plan in place and I want you to fully understand that plan and encourage you to ask questions should any arise.

6. What is your favorite part about being a physician?

I am lucky I get to do what I do. People share intimate details of their lives with me and I hope I help them navigate through life a little more smoothly. The relationship I develop with my patients is priceless and everyone has their own unique story. Whether it be their birth story, menopause story, or awkward puberty story they are all worth hearing because it helps me take better care of my patients.

7. Share with us some of your favorite hobbies!

I love to run, Dr. McCoin and I have run together since medical school. I also do a boot camp around town, I occasionally get inspired to do a triathlon, and I love to travel and spend time with my family.

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