Dr. Kish, Dr. Abikhaled

Dr. Kish, Dr. Abikhaled and nurses took such great care of me during my pregnancy! I always felt that they had time to talk with me and explain things to me–they had a lot of patience with my long list of questions. My husband was always welcomed and included and never felt out-of-place, something I was initially concerned about. They were so open and reassuring, which really helped me to get through the concerns and anxieties of a first pregnancy.

Towards the end of the pregnancy I had some irregular test results. The care was calm, confident and conservative–they weren’t about to take any chances with me or the baby. I truly believe I was in the best possible hands during those few scary weeks. I was so worried but they kept me calm and sane until my delivery day. Bree and Dr. Abikhaled were there along with my husband, providing great care as well as critical moral support! My daughter was born healthy and happy with no complications, and I had a very positive birth experience.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Kish, Dr. Abikhaled, the nurses and staff at OB/GYN Group.¬† For better or worse, they have a patient for life!