TOGA Patient Story: Jenni

TOGA Patient Story: Jenni

by | March 28th, 2016

Hands Of Doctor Examining A Pregnant WomanAt The Ob/Gyn Group of Austin, we enjoy going through life’s journeys with our patients and understand that a strong bond between you and your physician is vital. We would like to thank Jenni for taking the time to share her patient care experience and story.

Tell us about your patient care story.

I have been a patient of Dr. Michelle Gooch for about 10 years. From the moment I met her I felt a very open, nourishing, and trusting relationship. She has been there to help alleviate my anxiety and I have always felt comfortable asking her questions about my medical needs. Through the years I have needed several medical procedures done with Dr. Gooch. I truly believe she has gone above and beyond what any other doctor would have done for me! During my medical procedures and pregnancy, my own mother and husband, instantly witnessed how compassionate, gentle and sincere she was with me.  She has guided me through my journey of pregnancy and helped me have a positive birth experience and postpartum treatment. I cannot thank her enough for the way she treated me during one of the scariest and hardest times in my life. I am truly blessed to have found her!

How would you describe your relationship with your physician?

The level of personal care that Dr. Gooch provides is exceptional! She takes time to genuinely get to know her patients and their individual needs and concerns. She has gone above and beyond to tailor her care to meet my needs. I struggle with severe anxiety and have had several medical scares while a patient of Dr. Gooch. She has gone out of her way to calm my fears and ease my anxiety each and every time. I trust her professional judgement completely. Any time I have presented a concern, she listens and validates my concern and chooses the best course of action. I know that I am in great hands with Dr. Gooch! Through the calmest of times and the hardest of times I know that I can always count on her. We have a lasting relationship and a common goal.

What made you choose your physician?

In the beginning, I chose Dr. Gooch because I felt safe and comfortable with having honest conversations with her and her expertise in the areas that met my health needs. Through the years, I have realized how special she truly is.  I am able to sit with her and just talk about concerns and not feel rushed during any of my appointments. I find this extremely important when choosing a doctor. Each and every time I am in her office she goes above and beyond to listen to my concerns and help me be my best!

How has your patient care experience changed your life?

When I had my first baby, I was terrified. Dr. Gooch held my hand, calmed my nerves, and calmly guided me through the entire process. I am forever grateful for the loving care that she provided me that day. But her care and concern did not end there. After my daughter was born, I began struggling with postpartum depression and my anxiety worsened. Dr. Gooch was able to help me get my life back on track. She continually checked on me to ensure that I was improving. She has truly gone above and beyond my expectations! She is one of a kind!

Still today I am battling anxiety and thyroid issues. She has not ever left my side and I still turn to her for medical advice and guidance. I value her opinion and know that I am never being judged. She truly cares about my health and wellbeing.

What would you tell others that are going through similar circumstances?

I highly recommend Dr. Gooch to all of my family, friends and acquaintances.

Dr. Gooch will provide you with the best possible care, specific to your needs. She is truly one of a kind! Her compassion for what she does, her people skills, and her gentle sincere way about her makes her stand out above the rest! She is genuine in providing you the best possible care and truly takes time to get to know you to meet your needs and best treatment option available. She has a high professional standard in promoting a healthy life. I will forever be a patient of Dr. Gooch!

 Additional comments:

When writing this, my eyes were filled with tears of complete JOY! Looking back through the years and what Dr. Gooch has done for me has truly been life-changing! Words cannot express my gratefulness for her! I know that she is in my life for a reason!


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