TOGA Patient Story: Julie

TOGA Patient Story: Julie

by | September 16th, 2016

At The Ob/Gyn Group of Austin, we enjoy going through life’s journeys with our patients and understand that a strong bond between you and your physician is vital. We would like to thank Julie for taking the time to share her patient care experience and story.

TOGA OBGYN1. Tell us about your patient care story.

When I moved to Austin, I was in search of an OB/GYN. I was given Dr. Hoverman’s name. After the first appointment, a yearly exam, I felt like I had met a friend; she made the appointment easy and as comfortable as that appointment could be. Once my husband and I decided to start trying to get pregnant, Dr. Hoverman reassured and encouraged us and the journey. Weeks into my pregnancy, I developed gestational diabetes and Dr. Hoverman answered any and all questions and calmed my fears. She was there every step of the way without fail. When I was induced, she was there to make sure I was taken care of. My pregnancy, labor and delivery were made special, comfortable, and memorable because my doctor cared for me, my husband, and my daughter.

2. How would you describe your relationship with your physician?

Dr. Hoverman is professional and personable. She made my husband and I feel comfortable and special. She makes you feel like a friend not a number.

3. What made you choose your physician?

I chose Dr. Hoverman after I received recommendations from close friends and after the first appointment! She made me feel comfortable and more like a friend than a patient. She was kind, patient, and informative during my appointment. I trusted Dr. Hoverman and felt at ease.

4. How has your patient care experience changed your life?

Having a child is a huge life experience and can be very scary. Dr. Hoverman created a level of comfort and ease throughout my pregnancy and even before. I felt like a person and not just a patient. She remembered me and spoke as if we saw each other daily. Each appointment was professional and comfortable. Dr. Hoverman was easy to reach through the nurses and was prompt when returning calls/questions. Dr. Hoverman took the scary out of the labor and delivery process. She checked in with my nurses at the hospital throughout my labor and delivery. I was confident in my doctor. She even came to the hospital the next day to check on my daughter, me and husband. I tell my pregnancy story to other friends and have had several friends start going to Dr. Hoverman because of the amazing relationship she built with me and my family.

5. What would you tell others that are going through similar circumstances?

Dr. Hoverman is an outstanding doctor. She is thorough and professional. Since my first appointment: yearly check up, to my pregnancy, and then labor and delivery, I felt comfortable. She will be there to answer questions, concerns and make sure you are taken care of as well as your significant other.

Additional comments:

My husband loved Dr. Hoverman. He felt comfortable with her and how she cared for me. I think that speaks volumes especially during a very scary/unknown road of pregnancy and labor/delivery, he had full faith in Dr. Hoverman and her care for me.

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